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Take a look at the overview of each ministry here at New Destiny Fellowship.


The Education Department is committed to excellence in Christian Education. This task is accomplished by offering quality programs of excellence to promote spiritual growth and maturity for every member through training and development within the various departments. The Education Department is committed to measuring the effectiveness of each program to encourage and implement continuous improvement.


The Evangelism Department endeavors to provide continuous support through: drug and alcohol counseling; 24-hour on call ministers each week; housing assistance for former inmates, recovering addicts, and women in crisis; G.E.D. Program for former inmates, recovering addicts, and women in crisis; National Christian-based fundraising for housing; and Christian-centered rehabilitation.


The mission of the Fellowship Department is to effectively administer to each member tools to encourage strong relationship building between God, Family, Church Family and Community. The Fellowship Department has been established to meet the specific needs of the hearing impaired, men, women and youth as well as the continued development of the clergy.


What is a Dream team? A small group of people coming together with a common interest inside and outside of the four walls of New Destiny at least twice a month to be educated, empowered, encouraged, and nurtured. You do not have to be a member of the church to join one of these teams.  The teams are: Building Healthy Relationships; New Beginnings; Overcoming Fear, Rejection, and Abandonment; Polish Me Perfect; Exploring God’s Word; Let the Healing Begin; Birthing Your Promises Through Prayer; and Renewal of Your Mind.


The Worship Department’s mission is to facilitate the development and enhancement of the worship experience that will have a life changing impact, and encourage order and direction in individuals’ lives. This department is made up of following ministries; Discipleship, First Impressions, Altar Workers, Ushers, Baptismal, Nurses, Communion, Security, Holy Spirit Greeters, Intercessors, First Time Visitors, Creative Arts, New Members, Praise and Worship, Media, Choir, Drama, and Dance.


The mission of the Youth Department is to empower youth between the ages of five and twenty-one; one at a time with purpose; birth destiny out of them and to equip them to be effective witnesses to all of the world.  The youth will develop and mature spiritually as well as naturally. So, they can utilize their spiritual authority and power in their lives. To learn more about upcoming events follow the Youth Department on twitter @NDF_YAYA.